LeFlore’s Lindsey Waits – Player Spotlight Presented by McCurtain County National Bank

By Nick Hampton

“She’s a perfectionist which can be a blessing and curse because sometimes she works herself into a tizzy about things she’s not perfect at and she won’t accept the idea that, even if not perfect, she’s still doing great.”

That’s the way LeFlore coach Dustin Beck describes his junior shortstop and all-around utility player Lindsey Waits. Though stellar in the field, it’s as the Lady Savages leadoff hitter that Waits really shines.

“She’s been our leadoff hitter for three years and she fills that role well,” said Beck. “If she’s in a slump, she’ll find ways to get on base whether it’s working a walk or ‘taking one for the team’ (17 hit-by-pitches last year with a .543 on-base percentage) she’ll get on or advance runners.”

In her years at LeFlore, Waits has truly been a team player with stops in a lot of positions according to Beck.

“She’s played first base, she’s pitched some and then we had some injuries and roster changes last year and she ended up playing third base and shortstop.”

Waits herself prefers to play shortstop where her college inspiration also plays.

“I just like being in the middle of the action at shortstop. It’s a busy spot and an important position,” said Waits. “I guess if there’s a college player I admire it would be Sis Bates (two-time All-American shortstop at Washington). I just like the way she plays.”

Though just a junior, Beck says that Lindsey is very much a team leader.

“She’s quiet but the girls all respect the example she sets and feed off her energy. She’s the point guard on the basketball team which speaks to her athletic intelligence although sometimes she tends to overthink things,” Beck laughed.

Both the coach and player feel like 2019 could be a good year for the Lady Savages in fastpitch with hopes they can continue past the regionals where they’ve ended the last two seasons.

“We have a lot of players back from last year so I think we’ll be pretty good,” said Waits

The coach was a little more expansive.

“I think we control our own fate this year,” said Beck. “There are a lot of good Class B schools right around here so you never know quite what to expect from the playoff draw. I think we’re blessed with pretty good talent at the important positions and a solid work ethic and if we can stay healthy, I think we have a good shot at making state this year.”