Hugo’s Breanna Wolfe – Player Spotlight Presented by Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton / Photo by Bobby Hamill-Hugo News

Breanna Wolfe is every coach’s idea of what a team leader should look like.

“I’ve had her since middle school and she’s really become a team leader this year,” says coach Randal Copeland who moved up from the middle school to the high school this season. “She’s got a contagious energy about her that keeps the team focused and fired up during a game. She can be pretty vocal and is complimentary when a team mate does well but she can also call them out if she thinks they’re slacking off or getting lazy. “

And as a new coach trying to resurrect a program that’s been on the skids, Copeland really appreciates having a player like Wolfe that will help take charge.

“She’s one of those players that coaches love to have on their team because it makes it a lot easier for me because I’m not having to constantly be pushing kids by myself.”

Breanna herself is a player who prefers to let her work in the field do her talking for her.

“I started out just playing catch with my cousin when I was little and just fell in love with the game,” said the junior outfielder who also participates in FFA.

On a team that has just one senior, Wolfe is decisive about she feels makes a good leader.

“A good leader stays positive,” she said without hesitation. “Before games I try to reassure the younger girls and tell them not to let the other team intimidate you. We have several players back from last year so I think we can have a better team this year.”

Although he’s new to the high school, Copeland does have the advantage of having coached and been a part of the older girls lives through middle school and even though his team is made up primarily of sophomores and below, he has confidence in Breanna and the older girls on the team.

“We’re young and we’ve struggled early with the toughest part of our schedule. I think we’ll be improved this year and have a shot at being a .500 team at least.”