Hugo’s Sha’kyra Gage – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

She’s a spark for her teammates and for the crowd and that’s the importance of senior cheer co-captain Sha’kyra Gage who readily admits to love being a part of Friday night lights during the football and basketball seasons.

“I just love the football season-all the excitement and energy. In basketball we bring our stomps and the crowd loves that,” said Gage who is on the Hugo National Honor Society as well as being on the student council,

As a senior she’s everything you would want in a team leader says her coach Kelsie Lopez.

“She’s one of the best I’ve got. Her attitude is always great and a great leader. She’s awesome,” said Lopez.

Sha’kyra says she didn’t really think much about getting into cheer when she was young but it just came by accident.

“I didn’t pay that much attention when I was little but one day in junior high I saw they were having tryouts and so I signed up and I’ve been doing it for the last six years.”

Gage has been part of summer camps each year in high school where she and the team have excelled.

“I’ve gone to camps at OU, OSU and even one in Texas. As a team we’ve won the most spirited squad award and individually I’ve made All-American. The camps are a lot of work but I really enjoy being around the National Cheer Association cheerleaders because they bring a lot of spirit,” said Sha’kyra.

Another duty she performs for the squad is acting as a mentor and leader for the junior high squad.

“I help them with their material and try to give them an idea of what high school life will be like and get them ready for high school cheering,” said Gage. “A good leader means always having a good attitude and being supportive of those you work with whether it’s the junior high girls or my team mates.”

Her motivation for excellence, she says, comes from her mother.

“Mom is my main motivator. She does everything on her own and has show me that if I want something and I can get it on my own.”

As Sha’kyra thinks back on her high school cheerleading career, there are some fond memories she says she will always treasure.

“I will always think about the fun times we had at summer camps and summer practices with my team mates as well as game days, bus rides and Friday night lights,” she said.