LeFlore’s Jett Carver – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

Jett Carver and his Savages teammates are hoping for a return to glory and a chance to fight for the gold ball in October. Now a senior, he was a part of LeFlore’s last team to make it to state in his freshman year. Prior to that his current coach, Mark Warren, was on the state tournament team from LeFlore in 1985. And with the regular season winding down, LeFlore enjoys a spot in the top ten in Class B so the prospects are good.

Jett Carver’s introduction into baseball was a bit traumatic.

“I had an older sister who played T-ball and I always went along and begged to play but they told me I was too young. So at age two, I threw a temper tantrum and cried and they finally let me play in the outfield.”

As the ace of the pitching staff and a southpaw, Carver looks to Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers as a  role model for his pitching and retired Yankee Derek Jeter as an example of a good hitter and team leader.

“He’s been starting since he was a freshman. He’s a good student and excellent team leader for us,” said Warren. “He sets a good example which is what you want on your team. He’s not someone who runs their mouth but instead shows kids how to get things done.”

In addition to spring and fall baseball as well as basketball in the winter, Carver plays on a summer baseball team out of Fayetteville where he says he’s gotten a lot of help with all aspects of his game.

“The coach on that team, Greg Baxendale and his sons, give me pitching and hitting lessons and that plus all the extra games I get to play have really been a plus for my improvement,” said Carver who is a member of the National Honor Society at LeFlore.

As far as making it to state this fall, Warren is cautiously optimistic.

“Our team batting average is the best it’s been since I’ve been here but we’re still trying to build the program back up. We just need to be more consistent against the better teams in Class B to get over that hump. We don’t have the greatest talent but I’ve just a bunch of country boys who like to play the game and work hard.”

For Carver who is planning a visit to Western Oklahoma State College this fall and who got some exposure at the Connors State Heartland Classic last summer, there’s no doubt in his mind.

“I definitely believe we can make it to state this year,” he said enthusiastically.