Hugo’s Dawson Bostic – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

Remember when your kindly grandma used to see you at the holidays and say, “My you must have grown a foot since I saw you last?”

Well, for Hugo’s Dawson Bostic that statement was a reality this past summer (though not quite a foot).

“He grew nearly six inches over the summer,” said his coach Darnell Shanklin. “So now at 6-7, it’s changed things for him. He’s got the potential to be a really great player for us. He’s working hard to gain more upper body strength but he’s got good footwork and scores well around the basket.”

You would think with that size he’d be starting for the Buffaloes. But as a junior on a senior-heavy team with a couple of players ahead of him, he bides his time playing off the bench for the time being.

“I started playing in about the fourth grade but really didn’t take it very seriously until I got into high school and started growing,” said Bostic. “This growth spurt just happened kind of suddenly over the summer and I really didn’t realize it until I got back to school last fall.”

Hugo is currently ranked eleventh in Class 3A with a record of 10-5. Shanklin believes in playing a tough schedule to get his team ready for the playoffs. As a result, the Buffaloes have done pretty well so far against larger teams like Union, Hale, McAlester, Broken Bow, Idabel, and Muskogee.

“We’ve played a lot of larger class schools so far but we did play a couple of 3A schools in Henryetta and Okmulgee recently and beat them, so we feel pretty good about being able to compete at playoff time against our own class,” said Shanklin.

Bostic says he when he’s not on the court, he likes to chill with his family and play video games and says you might find some OSU orange-and-black items if you looked in his closet.