Hugo’s Kamari Cook – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

As a young student at Hugo High, Kamari Cook played softball and rooted in the stands on Friday nights for the Buffalo football team. But she says there was something about the way the cheerleaders went about their business at those games that drew her to become a member of the cheer squad.

“I really didn’t get into cheer until I got to high school,” said Cook who is also a member of the show choir. “While I was in the stands, I just loved the way the cheerleaders reacted with us and I thought I would like to be part of that. I like the team feeling and knowing that you’re making life-long friends.”

Her coach, Kelsi Lopez, has plenty of praise for Cook.

“As a coach I love that she brings a positive attitude to practice every day. If someone is struggling, she always in her team mates ears to get them up. She never hesitates to do anything I ask of her.”

Hugo takes part in competitive cheer and this past November Cook was a part of the team that won the Gameday competition at regionals as Lopez explains.

“There are different areas in the regional competition and one of those is Gameday. It’s the kind of cheering you would see at a Friday night football game with dances and different cheers and we were really proud to be able to win that this year.”

Kamari says there are lots of things she likes about cheer but competitive cheering is particularly appealing.

“I think I like the competitive cheering best because I’m very competitive and always want to win,” she laughed.

That winning spirit also showed in summer cheer camps that she has attended.

“Summer camp is always fun and every year I’ve gone, we’ve won the most spirited squad award,” said Cook.

As the cheer season winds down, Lopez knows she’ll have some recruiting to do for next year as Cook is one of seven seniors on the squad. And as for Kamari she plans to attend Southeastern State and go into elementary education and possibly try out for the cheer squad there.