Broken Bow’s Junior Crain: Basketball Spotlight Presented By Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

Although football is his first love, Junior Crain has proven to be a durable and long-lasting force for the Savages basketball program as well. “He’s started more games for Broken Bow in basketball than anyone I can remember. He’s started every game for us since he was a freshman,” says his coach Ryan Woolsey. “It’s funny when we play traditional opponents and they always ask hasn’t that guy graduated yet?”

Crain’s versatility has been one of the reasons he has fit so well into Broken Bow’s basketball plan. “He shoots the ball really well but he’s not going to blow you away with his numbers,’ said Woolsey. “He’s not great at any one thing, but he’s good at lots of things like defense. He’s just 5-11 but a lot of times we’ll have him guarding the post because of his ability and defensive skills which have really improved over the past year.”

Junior comes from a family that has an older sister that got him interested in basketball and an older brother who introduced him to football where he has become a standout running back for the Savages on the gridiron.

As a senior, he and long-time friend and team mate Josh Jones provide the leadership and are the driving force for the team according to Woolsey. “I’ve always been considered a leader so I’m used to it,” stated Crain. “I think a good leader is vocal with his team mates but also very coachable himself. You’ve got to be able to set an example for others or they won’t respect or listen to you.”

As the Savages enter the post-holiday portion of their schedule, they’re ranked seventh in Class 4A with a record of 8-2. After making it to the state tournament last year, a return trip in 2020 is a top priority for player and coach alike. “We plan to be playing in March again this year and anything less would be a big disappointment for us,” said Woolsey. “This year we’ll go to take care of business and not just be happy we got to go.”

Junior Crain hopes to be playing football on Saturdays somewhere next year and has had some discussions with Northeastern State and East Central on the subject.