Wright City’s Gracie Woods: Fan’s Choice Fall MVP Presented By Pine Cellular

By Derrick Smith

As an athlete, the goal is to excel in your sport and be the best that you can. You have to do all the preparation before gametime in order to be successful. Gracie Woods not only excels in her athletics, but also in the classroom.

Woods is a senior at Wright City High School, where she plays both basketball and softball. As a multisport athlete, she has to balance her sports and her class work in order to keep her grades up. “I split my time by setting priorities,” she said. “Starting with the most important or immediate and then working down. Also, I have a great support system of coaches, teachers, and most importantly my family that are always there for me.”

Former University of Oklahoma softball player Lauren Chamberlain is someone that Gracie looks up to because she is a great softball player and a great person. “I look up to her because she is so good at softball,” Woods said. “She has set records and so much more and that shows me if you dedicate your time in something you love then there are endless things for you. I have met her before and she was such a nice person and you could just tell she loved the game.”

Some of the best advice that Gracie has received came from someone she is very close to. “My MamMaw said never settle,” she stated. “This has taught me to always expect more out of myself and always try to do what is expected.”

For Woods, the reason she is where she is today is all because of one person. “If it wasn’t for my faith and God, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” she stated. “God has blessed me with the ability to play several sports and taught me the imports of being a team player and a role model to younger kids. He gives me strength to get through each day.”