Wright City’s Baylee Ferguson: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Pine Cellular

By Nick Hampton

It’s been quite a year for Baylee Ferguson. The Wright City junior is the most experienced cheer leader on the squad so her coach, Amy LeCrone, made the decision to make her team captain.

“I wasn’t sure if she was up to the task being just a junior but I wanted her to step up and gain the confidence of being a team leader so it will be more natural for her next year and she has exceeded all of my expectations,” said LeCrone. “She keeps the girls all informed of activities, tells them what to wear at games and meets, even how to do their hair. She has really taken being captain to heart.”

For Baylee, being a good leader boils down to a pretty simple philosophy.

“A good leader creates a good feeling on the team so there’s not a lot of drama or fighting. If you’re happy and can make others feel that way, you’ve been a successful leader. Being captain has made me kind of role model because a lot of the younger girls are looking up to me and relying on me to be there to help them.”

Two years ago Baylee was on the cheer squad when the boys basketball team won the state championship and she remembers that as a special weekend.

“It was my first year at Wright City and my best friend Krystin was on the squad with me and my cousin, Justin LeCrone, played on the basketball team and the whole weekend was just amazing.”

Now back to this past year. The cheer team went to the UCA cheer camp in Norman last summer and Baylee made All-American. And recently she went to a cheer clinic at the University of Central Oklahoma which may have an impact on her future.

“The camp was really nerve-wracking because a lot of the UCO cheerleaders were there and we were doing skills that I had never done before. But I was able to pick up three new skills in less than an hour and I guess it impressed them enough for them to really encourage me to come there and cheer when I graduate,” said Ferguson who attends nursing classes at career tech for the morning part of her class routine.

Though her duties to the cheer squad, school work, and her nursing classes take up a lot of her time, she does admit to the guilty pleasure of watching “Grey’s Anatomy”.

She’ll spend this next year getting in shape and honing her newly-learned skills as she gets ready for what might be more cheer in the next chapter of her life.