Broken Bow’s Janyrie Ganaway – Athlete Spotlight Presented by McCurtain County National Bank

Written by Nick Hampton

“Whenever I think of Janyrie, I think about power.”

That’s Broken Bow softball coach Jimmie Wyrick talking about senior Janyrie Ganaway of the Lady Savages softball team.

With around 100 career homeruns in her three-and-a-half- year career, Janyrie comes by her power naturally.

“I’ve always been bigger than most of the kids my age and as I got older I found that getting involved in athletics has been a great way to channel that size advantage to a plus,” said Ganaway who is president of the senior class at Broken Bow, a member of the National Honor Society and involved in FCCLA.

As she got more into softball, Ganaway teamed up with several other Broken Bow girls to form a team that won an under-14 national championship. Many of those girls make up the core of the present-day high school team. Still others, such as Jules Callaham, Shalee Brantley and Michaela Richbourg have gone to the next level and are currently on the Oklahoma State softball roster. Richbourg is one of the folks who influenced her love of softball the most according to Ganaway along with Janyrie’s sister Brittney Young who had a promising athletic career cut short by illness.

Coach Wyrick notes that Janyrie has played several different positions, even some pitching, and is a real sparkplug of the team.

“She’s a loveable kid, full of energy and a phenomenal talent,” said Wyrick. “She is our rally leader and is the one who gets the girls pumped up to play.”

As a senior she’s one of the team leaders and Janyrie has an interesting take on what that means.

“A good leader is someone who isn’t afraid to tell your friends to do the right thing yet still protect the friendship while staying a leader. A leader who loses friends because they’re too aggressive isn’t a leader.”

Another facet of her talent shows up in track where she placed second in Class 6A last year in the shotput which brings us to the subject of goals. She has a couple that she would like to achieve athletically if the spring sports season somehow survives our current health emergency.

“I would like to hit 50 homers this season (she had five in the first three games and hit 37 last year). I also want to win state in the shotput this year with a throw of 40 feet or better and become a triple-sport All-Stater (fast pitch, slow pitch and track),” Ganaway said with a certain determination in her voice.

With her talent, Janyrie could probably join her friends on a college softball roster. And though there have been inquiries, she’s not sure if she’ll pursue that path.

“All I know right now is that I want to go to college somewhere and study nursing,” she said with that same solid determination.