Broken Bow’s Chandler Fleming – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Pine Cellular

The cancellation of sports in March due to the coronavirus brought a double whammy for Chandler Fleming. He was on the Savages basketball team that was about to play their first game in the Class 4A state tournament when the OSSAA pulled the plug on the basketball playoffs. And before he could get re-situated to hit the ball diamond, that season was lost as well, meaning a loss of exposure to college coaches for the talented pitcher/outfielder.

A three-sport athlete, Chandler grew up in a home with his mother who was a softball player in her day and an aunt who had him watching Derek Jeter and the Yankees.

“I liked the way that Jeter was never a boaster. He just went out and did his job,” said Fleming who is in student council, FCA and the National Honor Society. “My mom is my main motivator and pushes me to do my best in school and athletics.”

In football last fall, Fleming took over the quarterbacking chores in the third game of the season and helped lead the Savages to the state quarterfinals. Assuming there is football this fall, the senior-to-be has at least one area he wants improve.

“I’d really like to do better about staying in the pocket to throw and not be so quick to bail on the run.”

On the baseball diamond, Chandler’s coach Elliott Alberson says that even though the college coaches won’t be seeing Fleming in action this spring, his athletic ability might help make up for that.

“He’s got a lot of upside and good college potential. He’s well-mannered and a hard worker. He hit nearly .300 last season and had 10 stolen bases. That speed will also be asset in center field for us.”

As a senior, Fleming will be one of the team leaders in all of his sports and talked about how he plans to do that.

“I’m not a really loud guy but I’ll talk to someone one-on-one and tell them what they need to do and push them to do their best while trying to be there to pick them up when they need it.”

The double-dose loss this spring has made Chandler Fleming a bit introspective as he looks to the future.

“They’re talking like this (virus) might not peak until August so who knows. Maybe I’ve already played my last down of football. Take everything day-by-day and don’t take anything for granted because you never know when a game or a practice might be your last.”