Haworth’s Chase Brittain – Athlete Spotlight Presented By McCurtain County National Bank

Junior Chase Brittain credits his father and a former teammate for helping develop the love for baseball that he enjoys today.

“My dad played in high school and he definitely wanted me to play so he got me into a league in Idabel that had T-ball and coach pitch and I’ve played ever since. My dad is still a main motivator for me and we talk after every game about the things I did right and wrong and he tells me a lot of his high school stories. I also credit a guy named Chris Reed for helping me. He as a senior when I was a freshman and he just kind of took me under his wing. He was really cool and we ended up hanging out together a lot that season. I always wanted to be like Chris and my dad and maybe even better,” Chase laughed.


You can tell he loves the game by the enthusiasm in his voice as describes the national pastime.

“I think baseball is more unique than other sports. I just like the challenge of seeing the ball coming to the plate and swinging at it. I just love the sport and think it’s way cooler than the others. I’ll play it as long as I can and I’m sure will pass it along to my kids like my dad to me,” said Brittain who is also thinking about playing basketball for the Lions this winter. 

Chase will be a senior when school starts up again and will have his shot at being a team leader. He says his approach to leadership is a little different than most.

“I really like to get to know everyone on the team and become friends with them. I think that makes it easier to be a good role model for the underclassmen so they’ll know what to do and how to act. The leader is not supposed to boss people around. He’s supposed to lead by example.”

Chase has pitched, played second base and the outfield but says center field is where he feels most comfortable. When it comes to game routine, he like a lot of players, takes pains to make sure he doesn’t step on the chalk lines going on and off the field (it’s bad luck). He also finds he has to take some extra effort when he steps into the batter’s box.

“All my team mates like to see how deep a hole they can dig with their back foot. I prefer a more level surface so I find myself trying fill in that hole whenever I come up,” he laughed.